Protest rock Kashmir University on Shupian anniversary eve | KD

Source: KD

On the eve of fifth death anniversary of two Shupian women, dozens of Kashmir University students on Thursday staged a protest sit-in in Hazratbal campus of the varsity, witnesses said here.

The two women Asiya and Nelofar were found dead in Ranbir Ara canal in Shopian on 30th May 2009. The locals and their families alleged that the duo was ‘raped and murdered’ by government forces. However, an enquiry by India’s premier investigation agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, concluded that the duo died ‘due to drowning’.

Meanwhile, as scheduled, dozens of students appeared outside Allama Iqbal Library and chanted pro-freedom and anti-India slogans. The students were carrying placards some of which read: ‘Wake Up…The Time Is Now’ and ‘Freedom Lies in Being Bold’.

“Some of the students also recited poems and delivered speeches,” an eyewitness said, adding the anti-India and pro-Geelani slogans were also raised on the occasion.

“We should not forget these sacrifices. Our goal is freedom,” a student, while addressing other students, said. Many students recounted past cases of rapes of Kashmir women allegedly by government which created a charged atmosphere, witnesses said.

“In the end, Pakistan National Anthem was sung by students,” a scribe told GNS. The protest was organized by the banned Kashmir University Students’ Union (KUSU).

“A student spoke about the case history that included cover up of the case by puppet regime, concocted CBI report, 48-day shutdown by people of Shupian and the valley wide protests that followed the heinous incident. Student speakers from various departments spoke about varying perspectives and experiences of Indian military occupation. They debated and out-rightly rejected occupational machinizations of controlling the populace of Kashmir in the ambit of probes, inquiries and judicial commissions,” a KUSU spokesman said.


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