PRESS RELEASE 11-July-2014


Hundreds of students held a massive Palestine solidarity rally against the recent/ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza. The Rally was to express solidarity with the Muslim brethren of Gaza who are under continuous bombardment of Israeli airplanes since past four days. It has led to more than 80 killings including women and toddlers. Also injuring hundreds of others and destruction of their houses.

Students while chanting pro-Palestine, pro-Hamas and anti-Israel slogans marched throughout the campus. “Down with Zionism”, “Long live Hamas”, Stop the genocide in Gaza”, “Kashmir stands with Gaza” were some of the banners and posters in the rally.

Proctorial wing and police, as usual, tried to stop the demonstration but failed in the end due to stiff resistance from the students. The KU administration manhandled and abused the media men who were covering the rally and they also snatched the banners and posters from the students.

The rally ended with offering a Gaibana Nimaz-e-Jinaza for the martyrs of Gaza.


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