PRESS RELEASE 03-September-2014

PRESS RELEASE: Kashmir University Students’ Union: 3rd September, 2014

Kashmir University Students’ Union [KUSU] vehemently condemns the murderous assault on Kashmiri students studying in various academic institutions across India. It is indeed despicable that the college/university administration are maintaining a criminal silence against the perpetrators; effectively supporting them. The attacks are nothing but a manifestation of Hindutva mindset rapidly flourishing under BJP led Modi government.

Kashmiri students are being lured with flimsy educational & employment schemes like UDAAN, Prime Minister’s J&K Special scholarship etc. Such schemes are meant for tricking Kashmiri youth into integration with Indian system by means of increasing their dependency on Indian Institutions while at the same time restricting their avenues in Kashmir. This represents the politics of integration which the Indian occupation has been perpetrating since its start, but most often they end up facing discriminations & brunt of Hindutva elements.

KUSU expresses solidarity with the students who have been facing these continuous acts of aggression on pretext of watching cricket matches of Pakistan and supporting any team of their liking other than India. These Hindutva elements who are attacking Kashmiri students are trying to make Kashmiri students to accept the Indian hegemony against which the whole Kashmiri nation is resisting since past seven decades.

It is equally important for students/job aspirants to understand that these schemes are actually offered with political agendas behind them and must be dealt with precaution.


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