Students take boycott pledge at KUSU debate

Srinagar: Hundreds of students from the Kashmir University Thursday pledged support to the pro-freedom camp’s call for boycott of assembly elections. The students shouted pro-freedom and anti-election slogans as a debate — ‘Discourses Beyond Elections in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir— organised by the banned Kashmir University Students Union( KUSU) in the lawns of the Allama Iqbal Library came to an end.

Kashmir Reader e-Paper dated 28-Nov-2014

Kashmir Reader e-Paper dated 28-Nov-2014

“Elections cannot change the disputed nature of state of Jammu and Kashmir,” said a student. “The narrative propagated by Indian media that elections are a referendum only proves that India itself has forgotten its own history,” said another student, citing the participation of Indian National Congress leaders in elections during Britain’s colonial rule over India. Another student said participation in poll process was detrimental for the “freedom movement.” “People should desist from casting votes, as it tantamount to betrayal. Politicians who are involved in killing, murders and scandals should be boycotted,” the student said. Other speakers were critical of the “intellectual bankruptcy” of the varsity staff. “Don’t shout slogans too loudly . Our professors are sleeping, don’t disturb them,” said a student.

Friday, 28 November 2014 – Iqbal Kirmani/ Kashmir Reader


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