Remembrance: Kashmir’s 2010 Uprising

Kashmir University Students’ Union today organized a remembrance program for martyrs of 2010 uprising. Students from all the departments started assembling near Iqbal Library Lawns at 2PM. Although there was stiff resistance from the proctor wing & heavy deployment of police all around the campus but this didn’t deter the students from joining the program. Some of the students were intimidated and pressurized not to join the program through their Head of departments.

Shaheed Tufail's father speaking at Kashmir University

Shaheed Tufail’s father speaking at Kashmir University

The main speakers on the occasion included Mohammad Ashraf – Shaheed Tufail’s father and Farooq Ahmad -Shaheed Wamiq’s father. Expressing their dismay over the so called justice system under occupation, they said they have been made to run from pillar to post but of no avail. All the occupational regimes have been shielding the murders as a policy design. They expressed their overwhelming joy over the support expressed by the students’ community of the university and also pledged to continue the struggle till their last breaths.

Shaheed Wamiq Farooq's father speaking at Kashmir University

Shaheed Wamiq Farooq’s father speaking at Kashmir University

Students who spoke on the occasion expressed their solidarity with the families of 125 people who were martyred at the hands of Indian forces. They also spoke against the Indian army’s aid to KU under Op Sadbhavna last month. They said that these so called welfare tactics won’t change the character of Indian army of an occupier. One of the students also expressed his dismay over KU authorities allowing the Indian Army to enter KU premises & becoming a willing instrument of Indian Army’s Sadbhavna program.

Other students also pointed out to the police-public cricket league which is currently going in KU grounds. They said that their hands are stained with the blood of our martyrs. Their public relations’ programs will not in any way wash away their crimes they have committed against Kashmiris.

One of the students talked about the idea of justice as the end of Indian occupation in Kashmir. He said that oppression and injustice is a feature of Indian occupation. He related the killings in 2010 as yet another attempt to crush the ongoing freedom struggle.

The event was marked with continuous sloganeering and banners & placards in support of Azadi struggle. A large banner containing the photos of almost all the people who were martyred in 2010 uprising was displayed at the venue.

This event organized by KUSU was primarily organized to remember the indubitable sacrifices of Kashmiris and how Kashmiri youth responsibly remember and fight against this hegemonic onslaught of Indian occupational forces.


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