Kashmir University Students Union Press Statement: 15-04-2017

Kashmir University Students Union Press Statment: 15-04-2017

The attack on Degree College Pulwama by Indian forces on Saturday is another eye opener about the nature of the state apparatus. The savagery inflicted on students isn’t only a display of the basic lack of regard for the sanctity of educational institutions, but is meant, as part of the oppression unleashed on yet another generation of Kashmiris, to humiliate and break the will of the youth of the Valley who are at the forefront of the struggle for right to self-determination.

Is there anything more absurd than a state which claims, when there is an uprising, that the education of our children is suffering and then the same state keeping up its gory traditions of killing, arresting, maiming and beating up those children; giving free reign to marauding Indian forces to occupy those educational institutions and attack them?

This attack was also another instance in the state’s sole ‘policy’ in Kashmir: to rule by repression and fear. The resistance by the students in the Degree College Pulwama, despite the brutal methods used against them – with over 50 students, including girls injured by Indian forces – is also a symbol of the Kashmiri spirit to stay determined in the face of overwhelming force and repression.

Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) stands in solidarity with the students in Pulwama, and across the state, and reiterates its demand for the right to self-determination in J&K, according to UN resolutions.

KUSU also calls for a protest against the brutality perpetrated by Indian forces on students on Monday; the peaceful protest should be held in all the educational institutions, including Colleges, other university campuses, including in the Pir Panjal region.


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